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I really don’t know if it’s right, all i know is that it feels right. Moments i spent with him always turned out to be a worthwhile experience. I didn’t even have a single minute of boredom.  

We talk, share feelings and laugh together. Weird ‘coz everytime we’re together we talk about his feeling for this girl. That girl. it feels like i know everything that’s going on between them and even if it hurts me like hell, i’d still want to  listen. after all it’ s the only way he comes near me. crap..i’m going crazy.   Someone please help me get out of this dilemma now. Cheezy (^^)v!


My BST Training in APAC

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I’m kinda nervous the first time i entered the APAC building. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what will happen in my first training day. But I was  sure that i will meet new people, new faces with different personalities and that I have to make myself comfortable with them.

It was the first time i’ll be out of my comfort zone, and I mean really out of my comfort zone.  i really don’t know if i can survive but pretty sure that i won’t settle for anything less and i will always give my best.

The first day was great. My team mates are cool. They crack stupid jokes and then everyone laughs. I enjoyed their company and I learned a lot  from our trainer. He’s really a cool guy. 

Now that we’re about to end the first week of six week training, I feel great. Five more weeks to go  and booom! I’m dead..hahahah.. 

What I’m realy excited about is next week’s training. I’m really excited that we’ll be in the night shift next week. Actually i miss sleeping late. I miss the “morning the night sessions”. I used to have this with my classmates when I was still studying. And now, i’ll do it again with new friends.  I’m really looking forward to have an awesome  experience with my BST training here in APAC. 

Rock ‘n roll…! (^^,)v!

Practice makes perfect

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Practice makes perfect.

wala lang ..hehehe

wala lang ..hehehe

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!